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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Deck The Halls!

Oh that little boy! I love him! He is my daughters future husband. We have already arranged their marriage! Here's your sneak peek, hope you enjoy!

Not every good picture has a happy child!!


Ann said...

OH I love them, they are so crisp and love the colors

Anonymous said...

Hey---Long time no see...lol
PICTURES are darling..:)
luv luv em!
---did you know they put a no trespassing sign on that bus, its on the windshield now...Booo!

Kristina said...

Hey there gir. This is Kristina Bastow Olsen-we grew up together in the Valley- I saw your pictures you did of Mary and her cute family, and I LOVED YOUR WORK...I would love to have you do my family pictures first of next year. Your baby girl is beautiful...just leave a comment on my blog with your info...thanks so much..