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Friday, February 6, 2009


Ok Ash, here are some more! I am not kidding when I say we did this entire shoot in about 10 minutes! It was so cold! But I think we did pretty good for 10 minutes!! And aren't her boys to die for? So cute! Enjoy! I added some texture to this photo, and I think I like it better...


ashlee said...

Jen I love them!! I have looked like 500 times since last sat! Ive been so excited! You did a great job!

Ryan and Loni said...

Jen these are awesome. So cute! you would never know it was freezing... Where were they. I love the backgrounds.


Anonymous said...

the first pic is my FAV!!!
I luv silly pictures, they are the funnest!

those boys are cuties! with darling hair!
way to go on the 10 minutes---lol

Marie Rose said...

Hi Jenny, this is Marcia's sister Marie. Hey I went on your website and I put in the password but it didn't seem to work. Have our pictures not been uploaded yet? Did they get put under a different password? Anyway, if you have a minute shoot me an email and let me know what I might have done wrong so I can look at all the awesome pictures you took. Thanks! mariehutchison@hotmail.com

kratair42@hotmail.com said...

Lovely Lovely Lovely Lovely pictures ^^